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Do you have a vision for your outdoor space but don’t know where to begin? Whether it be a new build or revamping an existing yard, let me guide you. Take a look at my services below, and contact me to schedule a consultation.



Let's meet! I'll meet with you onsite and we can discuss your ideas, visions, concerns, desires, style, budget, etc. I'll suggest ideas and design concepts that I think would fit your preferences. Call or email to get started!

Landscape Design

I'll create a scaled design to reflect your needs for the space - including hardscape, plants, lighting and any additional details you're looking to include. Upon review, we'll make any desired revisions to ensure you're getting the design of your dreams. Final design will include material photos, plant names, plant quantities and all the information needed to make a buildable design.

Implementation Oversight

Once the design is done, I don't have to just disappear. If you're looking for someone to oversee the installation to ensure the landscape is coming to life as planned, this package is for you! I'll check in throughout the installation process and consult with the contractor to make sure not a detail is missed. This can eliminate any stress and uncertainty off of your shoulders.

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