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Strawberry Fields Landscape Design

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Why Design?

Establish a goal -

A landscape design is the roadmap to your transformed outdoor living space. It will help organize the layout by function - from dining, to entertaining, to gardening - optimizing the use of the space. Working with me to design your yard is a proactive step to ensure the landscape is thoughtfully designed. Through thorough discussion at the beginning of our process, I'll learn about all of your priorities for the end result. I'll couple that with my knowledge and creativity to create a layout that is beautiful, functional, and buildable. With your scaled blueprint you'll have the tools needed to get started with the implementation - whether that be DIY or hiring a contractor. Even if you don't do it all at once, you can rest assured that as it comes together, it will be one cohesive space.

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Make it buildable -

I've had the privilege of learning to view the project through many lenses.  Having worked for and with several landscape contractors of various sizes and specialties, I know the details required to ensure the project is buildable. Patios, steps, pergolas, retaining walls, water features etc. will all be designed to fit your unique layout. I can also help provide realistic budget expectations for the overall project if you're looking to hire a contractor.

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Design Fundamentals -

When creating an outdoor space, there are many pieces a designer takes into consideration to eliminate chaos. The fundamental elements of design are: line, form, texture, color, and scale. These may go unnoticed while using the space, but if done properly they will allow a peaceful and seamless experience for the user. This is accomplished through plant choice (height, texture, seasonality), as well as the transition between spaces (making sure hardscape, garden area, lawn, and natural areas all flow together). All while adapting to the specific microclimates and physical features of each location.

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My Services

Do you have a vision for your outdoor space but don’t know where to begin? Whether it be a new build or revamping an existing yard, let me guide you. Take a look at my services below, and contact me to schedule a consultation.


Landscape Design

Implementation Oversight


Let's meet! I'll meet with you onsite and we can discuss your ideas, visions, concerns, desires, style, budget, etc. I'll suggest ideas and design concepts that I think would fit your preferences. Call or email to get started!

I'll create a scaled design to reflect your needs for the space - including hardscape, plants, lighting and any additional details you're looking to include. Upon review, we'll make any desired revisions to ensure you're getting the design of your dreams. Final design will include material photos, plant names, plant quantities and all the information needed to make a buildable design.

Once the design is done, I don't have to just disappear. If you're looking for someone to oversee the installation to ensure the landscape is coming to life as planned, this package is for you! I'll check in throughout the installation process and consult with the contractor to make sure not a detail is missed. This can eliminate any stress and uncertainty off of your shoulders.

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About Me

My name is Jillian and I have been a landscape designer since 2013, working with hundreds of home owners to create one-of-a-kind landscapes for their homes. I started with a BS from the University of Michigan in Environmental Studies with a concentration on Sustainability. After college, I moved to Colorado to work for AmeriCorps NCCC. I built trails, provided natural disaster response, and generally helped enhance and nurture my surrounding environment. In 2014 I completed a landscape design certificate program and I've been working to merge the worlds of landscape and sustainability ever since. During my time in Colorado, I designed for landscape companies focused on the beautification of residential landscapes using sustainable and permaculture focused practices. In 2017, I thru-hiked the 486 mile Colorado Trail, giving me even more connection to and appreciation for what nature and landscapes can truly offer. In 2021 I moved back to Michigan and I brought with me all of the knowledge and experience I have gained since I left. When I’m not working, you can find me exploring and enjoying the great outdoors with my family and friends and working on my hobby farm.

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Grand Ledge, Michigan


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